About Žofka’s Calendar | November 2014

A new Žofka song has been accompanying winter’s snowfall, spring’s blooming flowers, summer’s warming sun and autumn’s wind during the year 2014. Now the year has almost gone and the new songs are ready to reach out to you.

It has been a wonderful experience for us to stay with you during all this time and give you a piece of our musical heart every month. Staying in touch with you during the creative process was new and exciting and interacting with you gave us the feeling that you share beautiful moments with us. We want to thank you, dear fans, for staying with us in this experience and for your love.

At the end of this year, Žofka will be publishing a limited edition of a real calendar containing various visual artworks created by friends of Žofka. And of course Žofka will be publishing the new CD MELANCHOLIA. So, don’t miss out and be the first to get this unique gift.